Web Starter Pack

Most of our clients at Business Designs are people who decided to pursue a new business venture, work on that idea that’s been running through their minds for ages. We also have seasoned businessman that created a website for their business years ago and are now looking for something more modern and functional. On the other hand we get people who simply want to create a good looking, easy to use website to share their hobby with the rest of the world such as photography, crafts etc.

We decided to make life easy for all these people by creating one package that caters for all their needs and most importantly for a small, reasonable price.

This package includes:

Custom Design & Template
The website will have a user friendly custom design using custom graphics and a custom template, all designed with the needs and taste of the client in mind. This will keep the users of your website keen to use and explore all the services and information your site has to offer.

Content Management System
Included in this amazing price the website will have a content management system also known as back-end system. This will allow the client to edit the content of the website such as images, text, banners and so on without requiring any help from the developer of the website. The clients can edit the website as many times as they want at their own time without any charges what so ever.

Unlimited Content Pages
This offer does not limit the number of content pages in the website. The client is free to request as much pages as they need (such as: about us, contact us, photo gallery, video gallery, portfolio etc.) The client will then be able to access all the different pages from the back-end system to make changes at on cost at all.

Domain Subscription (1 Year)
Every website on the internet need to have it’s own domain name for example “www.MyNewSite.com” to acquire this domain name you have to pay a small yearly fee. The fee for the first year is also included in this amazing offer.

Website Hosting (1 Year)
The finished website then needs to be uploaded to the internet for the world to see, a small yearly fee has to be paid in order to keep your website on the online server. The fee for the first year is also included in this price.

Email Contact Form
If required / requested the website will included an Email contact form, this is an easy to use form that allows the client to collect the required information from the user which is then received by email.

Email Account (5)
If required we will also create up to 5 email accounts related to your domain name for example “mark.smith@MyNewSite.com”. These email account can then be set up with smart phones, tablets or computers.

All the clients that opted for this package were very satisfied, they went from no website, to an amazing, professional website with no hassle at all and most of all for a great reasonable price. This package was designed to make the client’s life easier, everything is packaged together to make the experience of creating a website headache free.

The “Web Starter Pack” is currently being offerd for The Amazing Price of €585.

Contact us now we are looking forward to working with you…